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2003, CD review: Rich Steele: "Peaceland" - The Man of Steele is back and this time he has taken no prisoners with this dynamic 12 song CD. While impressed with his previous two releases, this new offering has taken his music to a higher plateau with exceptional tunes such as "Going to War", as anti-war song filled with booming guitar riffs and pinpoint lyrics. While "Drama Ma Ma" deals with thoses prima donnas in every guy's life, "Bad to Me" describes how some ladies have a twisted control on all of us good guys. I was touched by "Father and Son", a deeply personal and emotional tribute of the love between a parent and his child. All in all, the entire CD from starta to finish is an excellent listen and definately one that will stay in my CD changer for months to come. Rap Sucks !!! Gus Amador - April 2003 More Sugar CD review.


Here's what 'More Sugar' said (review for Be Careful For What Ya Wish For 12/02), "Steele....has redirected his energy to a straight forward guitar dominated 10 song disc. A refreshing twist and a nice way of keeping his fans on their toes."

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DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO HOLD ON TO YOUR PEACE "Peaceland" The new release from

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