Cowboys and Outlaws

Today's sound that blend rock and country with the tales of the wild west. Back to the roots of american music where you sit around the camp fire and sing the songs of cowboys and outlaws.
Released 2005, Songs: Sleeping in your Shirt, Fifty years, Baby's Eyes, Back to Yesterday, Cowboys and Outlaws, Long Long Way, Growing up has let you Down, blank I Love you in love with me, Balance, Testify, Gotta get a gun.


Back In The Garage


Hard hitting rock, with a sprinkle of tender guitars, the basic daily requirement for the music lover. No frills, no glam, so just relax and have a look back in the garage.

Released 2005, Songs: Back in the Garage, Be Careful, Wicked Nation, King of the hill, Reality TV, Valium, This Lesson, Confession, Julie of the Sun, Give the Dog a Bone, Boys Club, Skin and Bone.


Walking Away


A collection of songs spanning ten years that share common threads of victory and defeat, truth and lies, betrayal and trust, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Released 2004. Songs: Peaceland, I Wear These Shoes, Gone, Now And Then, Country Style, Balance, Deadbeat Girlfriend, Walking Away, Fifty Years, Way Up High, Comes Around, Another Time.


Hen Haus

The debut of the legendary ken dog on drums adds a new creative force. From crunching guitars to sweet mandolin everything you need is at the hen haus.
Released 2004. Songs: Show Your Love, Golden Boy, Isolation, Road Rager, Hen Haus, Mannequin, Together Alone, Falling Down, November, Country Style, Do It


Freak Show

Heavy guitar that captivates the heart and the soul. The naked truth is exposed on this dark and edgy cd. Feast your eyes on the reality of Freak Show.
Released 2004. Songs: Bodytalk, My Life, River People, Freak Show, In My Body, Waiting For The Rain, Catwalk, Another Time, Two Sides, Everybody Wants To, Gone.


Ravi Oli
Before Your Time

Indian sitar, delta blues harmonica, soulful electric bass and native american flutes join together over a foundation of rock solid drumming to evoke moods ranging from meditative relaxation to adrenaline packed excitement.
Released 2003. Songs (raga one thru ten): Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 5, Track 6, Track 7, Track 8, Track 9, Track 10.




Steele's trademark sound of in your face guitars layered with melodic voices takes you back to the glory days of rock where guitar heroes reigned supreme.

Released 2003. Songs: No Peace, Going To War, Spirit, Drama Ma Ma, Bad To Me, Eye To Eye, Life's Alright, Father And Son, Way Up High, Button Up, This Old Soul, Peaceland.


Be Careful What You Wish For

Once you hear it, you'll be hooked. Guitar riffs deluxe and monster beats are the backdrop for Steele's illusion free meditation on life.
Released 2002. Songs: Prisoner, Did Alot For Me, 23, I like The Way, This Town, I Wear These Shoes, Dead Alive, Every Liar's Blues, Take It Back, Dream Like.



Heavy thumping 70's pop rock, modern industrial grooves and sweet velvet melodies combined. The big ugly music machine can choke on this.
Released 2002. Songs: Big Pie, Done With You, Black Cloud, Demolition, One Night, Big Fat Liar, Bridges Burning, Now And Then, Lucky ONe, Away From This World, Deadbeat Girlfriend, Rap Sucks.





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ew release from the Steeleman has hit the streets.
This 12 song disc features: No Peace, Going to War, Spirit, Drama Ma Ma, Bad to me, Eye to eye, Life’s Alright, Father & Son, Way Up High, Button Up,
This Old Soul, and Peaceland. Steele rocks harder than ever on this album with the trademark searing guitar work and multilayered background vocals so popular on his earlier albums. Fans of 70’s guitar rock will hear echoes of all the great guitar heroes of that era as memorable riffs and sizzling solos create a compelling sonic backdrop for Steele’s message of clear eyed optimism. Peaceland’s life affirming lyrics reflect the view that one can attain inner peace and happiness without ignoring serious topics such as war and peace, love and betrayal. So if you’re tired of the copycat new rock of today, and you need a break, get some PEACE LAND. CD review: Rich Steele: "Peaceland" - The Man of Steele is back and this time he has taken no prisoners with this dynamic 12 Song CD. While impressed with his previous two releases, this new offering has taken his music to a higher plateau with exceptional tunes such as "Going to War" an antiwar song filled with booming guitar riffs and pinpoint lyrics. While "Drama Ma Ma" deals with those prima donnas in every guy's life, "Bad To Me" describes how some ladies have a twisted control on all of us good guys. I was touch by " Father and Son" a deeply personal and emotional tribute of the love between a parent and his child. All in all the entire CD from start to finish is an excellent listen and definitely one that will stay in my CD changer for months to come. Rap Sucks!!! Gus Amador April 2003 More Sugar CD review. What’s up next copy: Coming up next the Man of Steele is working with Gary Adamson long time friend and musical companion. Gary has been a main staple at Porkboy Music and is conductor and mystical wizard for the voices of peace. Together were going to explore the never ending quest for musical peace